Does your company have multiple positions to fill? Is the turnover rate destroying company productivity? If so, you should consider creating a booth and participating in a job fair, which offers recruiters the ability to meet with a pool of applicants in hopes of finding qualified candidates for the available positions in your company. Whether you have participated job fairs in the past or not, here are several tips to optimize the success of your job fair and fill multiple company positions at once.

Arrange Documentation

As potential applicants will be attempting to get all their documents organized, it is also vital for you to ensure all company documentation is arranged properly as well. Be sure to include a precise description of your organization, and don’t forget to check that the job fair has listed your booth’s location accurately. You may also want to include information regarding the positions you are looking to fill in the job fair website prior to the event.

Prepare Promotional Materials

In addition to making sure all documentation is prepared, it is a good idea to use promotional materials as a means of getting your business noticed. Besides having business cards printed and ready to hand out, offer promotional materials such as flyers, ads, information packets, advertisements, and brochures. Do this at the start of the event and at your company booth throughout its duration to increase people’s awareness of your business and attract potential applicants.

Arrive Early

Large events like job fairs can be hectic, and sometimes everything doesn’t go exactly the way you planned. Prepare in the best way possible by arriving at the event venue early, which will give you ample time unpack your materials and get set up. Arriving late to a job fair often results in spending time setting up while potential applicants arrive, which can make your company look unprofessional. Create a great first impression by ensuring your booth is organized, and that you have enough chairs for attendees to sit down and fill out applications.

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