What is our focus?

Stems in Bloom is a new division of Rentaland offering full-service floral design and decor. Our designers are inspired by your style and can bring your vision to life on your event date. There is no right or wrong when it comes to floral décor and that is why we focus on your vision. What is most important to your look, colors, floral selection, and of course your Pinterest board. We will work with you hand in hand to create a final concept that exceeds your expectations and most importantly staying within your budget.

With every consultation we aim to pay close attention to details and logistics of your event that may affect the overall concept and propose floral selections that will not compromise your vision but meet your desired investment. As a company we always feel passionate for what we create alongside our clients. This allows us to create reliable bonds and crystallize the unforgettable moments that our clients dream of.

Our Values

Integrity We are committed to acting with honesty, adhering to good principles. Our goal is to maintain an excellent internal work ethic, both with customers and with competitors. This helps us maintain integrity throughout the whole process, from inquiry, through setup, to finally, event completion.

Reliability Our services are focused on meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations. Creating a bond of trust with the team members and clients is the key to our success.

Professionalism One of our main objectives is to preserve honesty, courtesy and responsibility. Having qualified and trained staff helps us obtain a high level of excellence which has been reflected for more than 20 years of service.

Efficiency Having a constant and proactive team is part of our core and essence as a business. Being diligent and ensuring the safety of our clients, their guests, their family, their co-workers, without neglecting the well-being of our internal public.

Individuals The most relevant value is occupied by those with whom we interact on a daily basis, that is our work team and clients. Preserving a relationship of mutual well-being is part of our objectives.