What size tent do I need?
Ans. Measure width & length of the space and account for EVERYTHING you wish to place underneath the tent.

What size linen will I need for my tables?
Ans. We would need to know the size of the tables by inches or feet, not by how many people it will seat. Most times venue can share with you the diameter of the tabletop. If you are renting linen for your dining room table, we can suggest a size that may work for you based on the measurements you provide.

What type of lighting options do you offer?
Ans. For under the tents, we have string and market lighting. We also carry several different style chandeliers. Free standing market lights are an excellent option for events where the client wishes to have lighting in an open space. This lighting option is perfect to transform a parking lot or backyard into an event space.

How early should I reserve my rentals?
Ans. Rentaland is a first come, first serve event rental company that services many other events and venues in Florida all year round. During peak event season, dates can be booked as far as 15 months out. We recommend you contact the earlier the better to check for availability and the rental items requested. Our availability changes frequently with our designers booking events daily.

Can your tents be Climate controlled?
Ans. Yes, our tents can be set up to be air conditioned by adding sidewalls and French doors. Rentaland does not provide the HVAC however we will refer you to one of our trusted partners for a quote.

What kind of décor options for you offer for your tents?
Ans. We have a large selection of fabric styles and color options that will add a touch of charm to your tent ceiling, or we can always create a custom design for your event. We also carry leg drapes to add a touch of elegance. Greenery garlands and floral chandeliers are another gorgeous option to choose from. We always recommend following our Instagram or Facebook for inspiration and photos/videos of recent events.