Holiday Celebration

A holiday celebration offers employers an opportunity to show appreciation to their staff and celebrate the year’s success with those who made it possible. From white elephant gift exchanges to formal balls, companies love to have some down time to hang out, enjoy a little fun, and make memories they’ll talk about for years. These events require planning and coordination. To help you plan your company’s next great holiday celebration, we’ve compiled a checklist of holiday party planning best practices.

Start Early

Venues and caterers are at their busiest during the holidays. The earlier you start, the better your selection will be. Create your guest list so you know how much space you need. Select your planning team and decide who will be responsible for what, along with deadlines for completing each step.

Determine Your Theme

If Valentine’s Day is coming up, you might plan around all the reasons your company loves your staff. Large events might be patterned around a masquerade ball or celebrity awards theme. Choosing a theme helps determine what type of venue, decorations, and invitations are most appropriate. We will gladly help with any or all of your holiday celebration needs.

Create Your Menu

The food and drinks at your event are a major contributing factor to its overall success, and they will also consume a large chunk of your budget. Incorporate food and drink items that go with your theme or use your brand’s colors throughout. If your budget is tight, balloon garlands and fresh fruit centerpieces can save money while still providing a festive atmosphere. Add a twist of sophistication by serving signature cocktails that go with your theme or company accomplishments.

Select Your Venue

Look online for restaurants, hotels and other venues to see what’s available that meets your needs. Many venues also offer catering and party supply rentals, so everything you need is available in one place.

If your date is somewhat flexible, you might be able to find discounts. If you’re planning on holding your event outdoors, make sure you have a backup plan in case the weather turns threatening.

Take Part in the Fun

Encourage employees and co-workers to relax and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to put together by joining the fun. If you’re serving alcohol at the event, consider allowing employees to expense their Uber or cab fare to the transportation fund so everyone gets home safe.

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