Organizing a trade show can feel overwhelming, but when you take the time to plan in advance you improve your ability to manage anything that comes your way. Utilize the following trade show preparation timeline to develop and optimize the results of your trade show. Let these steps help you plan your trade show.

Step 1: Underline your Strategy 12 months Prior to the Event

Determine how a trade show can act as a component of your marketing techniques and create a comprehensive budget for your trade show strategy.

Step 2: 9-12 Months Prior to the Event

Figure out how much space your booth will need and what equipment and accessories you want to include, such as banners and other promotional materials. Make concrete goals for your show, including a number of sales, leads, etc. Register with the event sponsor to secure your space and get the exhibit details. Outline your trade show marketing plan and incorporate a variety of advertising methods to attract consumers. Include strategies for Pre-Event, In-Event, and Post-Event marketing schemes.

Step 3: 6-9 Months Prior to the Event

Decide on a design for your exhibit and dedicate ample time to look for an exhibit firm or team with the capacity to satisfy your needs.

Illuminating your presentation is instrumental in complementing your featured product and gaining the attention of event attendees. In addition to your design, decide if your exhibit can benefit from lighting options. Identify what documents and promotional markers you want to have on hand during the event and start the necessary printing.

Step 4: 3-6 Months Prior to the Event

Order any giveaway items. Verify all delivery dates to make sure they are arriving on schedule. Continue working with a team to design your exhibit and make any necessary staffing arrangements or booth shifts and prepare training. Begin planning how you will transfer your display and equipment to the show and book plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. if needed.

Step 5: 1 Month Prior to the Event

Finalize all travel reservations and elements of your booth’s display. Schedule staff training sessions and continue your pre-event marketing plans. Make dinner or meeting plans with peers, vendors, or contacts that will be at the event.

Step 6: 1 Week Prior to the Event

Finalize training sessions. Verify the delivery dates for all booth equipment, materials, and promotional products that have not arrived yet.

Step 7: 1 Post-Show Tasks One Day to One Week After the Event

Investigate leads and keep in touch with contacts made at the event. Determine if you met the goals established in your trade show plan. Examine your budget and identify your ROI.

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