Most of us can’t remember our first birthday party beyond the photographs showing off our Godzilla-like approach to consuming cake. However, we remember many more birthday parties, both our own and those of others. Since these events happen but once a year, the planner often feels the pressure mount months in advance. We’ve compiled a checklist of 3 Steps to Take When Planning a Birthday Party to help you throw a party your partner will talk about for many years to come.

Realize You Know Them Best

You may be feeling stress to get everything perfect, especially if your partner or spouse is approaching a major milestone birthday. Relax and think about all the reasons they’re so special to you. What do you know that makes them unique? What are their hobbies and interests? Are there items on their bucket list that give you creative ideas? Use what they’re interested in or passionate about as the seed for your party theme.

For example, if they’ve loved the last several Marvel and DC movies, consider using a superhero theme for the cake and decorations. If they enjoy tennis, cover tables in green tablecloths and use balls and rackets to personalize your space.

Another party theme idea might be to use the decade in which they graduated from high school. Someone turning 50 might celebrate an 80s theme with big hair and neon colors. A 90s party might have tables decorated with VHS tapes and invite guests to play Twister.

Make It a Surprise

It takes extra planning, but there’s a special thrill to walking in and realizing your friends and family are unexpectedly gathered to celebrate your day. Preparing and decorating is simpler if you select a location that isn’t home. Enlist the help of those close to you, so you can set up in advance, but make sure you don’t put any balloons or streamers outside the location and give away the surprise.

Give Thoughtful Gifts

Presents don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. Ask guests to bring a letter that describes a favorite memory they have with your spouse or a photo they have from childhood. Give your partner a coupon book for a weekend away or a list of chores you’re willing to complete. Your loved one will cherish the memories of the party you planned and the thought each attendee put into making their day exceptional.

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