University expos are a great way to advertise your school. With many other schools in attendance, it’s important to make yours stand out from the crowd. If you want to ensure your University booth receives extra attention, check out the following tips to engage and excite your audience at an upcoming University Expo.

Employ Your School Mascot

Being enthusiastic is instrumental when trying to create an engaging expo booth. In order to construct an appealing booth, it is vital to select high-energy individuals who are willing to engage with and energize audience members to represent your school at an expo. Since the job of your school mascot is to hype up the crowd and promote school spirit at sporting events, bringing your university mascot is an excellent way of drawing people to your booth and getting them excited about the idea of attending your school.

Selecting Charismatic Team

In addition to incorporating your school mascot to represent your school, it is also crucial to select charismatic students to be positioned at your booth. Having a team of outgoing individuals on your side is an excellent means of creating an interactive environment for audience members.

Create an Appealing Display

Crafting an eye-catching presentation is another superb way to convince audience members to look at your booth. If your display is getting old, be sure to replace what is no longer visually appealing, such as stained, torn, or broken materials and equipment. When organizing your booth’s design, select a color scheme consisting of the University’s signature colors to highlight your school’s identity and showcase University spirit.

Providing Extra Seating

Implementing the right seating design, as well as the number of seats available, increases the accessibility of your booth for the audience. Set up chairs directly around your both to maximize the potential of the space you have available and to garner attention.

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