When planning a wedding reception, you may feel overwhelmed by all the details. You face dozens of choices, from picking centerpiece flowers to deciding on a cake. Some choose to hire a professional to handle the event, while others decide to face the planning themselves. Whichever path you choose, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider as you plan.

Choose Your Date Early

Whether you’re hiring a planner or doing everything yourself, you’ll need to know a date before you start looking at locations. Venues are often booked well in advance, so it helps to narrow things down when you know exactly when the couple plans to tie the knot.

Be Specific About Your Budget

Weddings can be as large or as small as you want, but everything costs money. The venue, menu and decorating costs all depend on how much you have to work with. Start by making a guest list so you can compute a basic cost per head. Determine what you have to spend before you start looking for facilities large enough to accommodate everyone on your list.

Research Venues

Once you’ve selected a date and you know how much you can spend, you’re ready to decide where you want your event to take place. When you visit, don’t just look at the scenery. The gorgeous space or sweeping natural views might look great in photographs, but if the facilities aren’t comfortable for guests, they won’t remember the event fondly. Make sure there’s sufficient accessible parking, especially if you have guests with limited mobility. Check bathroom facilities and plan for overflow seating space so you have everything covered well in advance of the big day.

Reception Elements are Flexible

After the ceremony, guests are ready to celebrate the event, and there are a wide range of possibilities. If your budget is limited, a simple cake cutting or relaxed cocktail party can feel like a big celebration for a relatively small cost. A sit-down meal is often the most expensive option, but it allows guests to simply relax and enjoy the event. Outdoor venues might incorporate a picnic theme and serve sandwiches and lemonade. Make your guests feel appreciated with printed notes at each place or by extending a speech that lets them know how much you treasure their participation in your event.

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