Pipe and drape wall

Wrap Your Room in the Delights of the Season


Whether it’s a winter wedding or a summer birthday bash, you can use pipe and drape to warp your room and decorate for every season. Enhance the atmosphere of your event by integrating seasonal decorative touches in your themes.   


Switch Out Fabrics 

Opt for lighter, pastel fabrics for your pipe and drape in the summertime. These will allow more airflow, whether it be a natural breeze from an open window or a climate-controlled setting. In the fall and winter, consider heavier fabrics with more texture.

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Add Some Flowers 

Especially in the spring, flowers are a simple accessory to any pipe and drape décor. It can be easy to place flowers between layers of fabric for a secure hold. Flowers can be used year round, just mind the season. Around the holidays, poinsettias and holly are extremely popular.


Make Your Color Pop 

Strong, bright colors work best for the summertime season. A party could use colors such as yellow or pink for the material in a pipe and drape system. When the leaves start to change, replace summer colors with a warmer palette. Red, orange or brown would work well for fabrics.

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Create a Mood 

Lighting can be a fabulous addition to your pipes and drapes. Because the fabric is usually layered, it’s easy to manipulate the lighting around the technique. This works best in the summer, when the fabrics are sheerer. You can also decorate the draping with strands of beads, crystals or similar decorations.


Focus on Less 

With seasonal decorating, items are constantly being changed out. Remember not to go too crazy with accessories or large accent pieces. Your unique pipe and draping system should speak for itself. Let your individual technique shine through and impress your guests.


Extra tips 

Store your pipe and draping for future use. You may want a different theme or an additional material, but keep it for the next season. Tips to follow are:


·         Store pipes and draping in large plastic containers that repel weather and rodents.

·         Label everything according to season.

·         Take pictures if you want to use the same method later on. Pictures are helpful down the road.

·         Have fun! Enjoy your own creativity with your pipe and drape décor.


Since pipe and drape is such a multi-purpose method, incorporate it along with other additions to help bring your celebration over the top.

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