*Prices are based on a one day use*

White Top Frame TentsPrice
10X10 100 Sq. Ft.$100.00
10X20 200 Sq. Ft.$155.00
10x30 - 300 Sq. Ft.$199.00
10x40 - 400 Sq. Ft.$280
15X15 225 Sq. Ft.$150.00
15X30 450 Sq. Ft.$220.00
15X45 675 Sq. Ft.$325
20X20 400 Sq. Ft.$200.00
20X30 600 Sq .Ft.$300.00
20X40 800 Sq. Ft.$400.00
20X50 1000 Sq. Ft.$500.00
20X60 1200 Sq. Ft.$600.00
20X70 1400 Sq. FT.$700.00
20X80 1600 Sq. Ft.$800.00
30X30 900 Sq. Ft.$450.00
30X40 1200 Sq. Ft.$600.00
30X50 1500 Sq. Ft.$750.00
30X60 1800 Sq. Ft.$900.00
30X70 2100 Sq. Ft.$1050.00
30X80 2400 Sq. Ft.$1,200.00
30X90 2700 Sq. Ft.$1,350.00
30X100 3000 Sq. Ft.$1,500.00
30X120 3600 Sq. Ft.$1,800.00
30X130 3900 Sq. Ft.$1,950.00
40X40 1600 Sq. Ft.$925.00
40X50 2000 Sq. Ft.$1,199.00
40X60 2400 Sq. Ft.$1,499.00
40X70 2800 Sq. Ft.$1,650.00
40X80 3200 Sq. Ft.$1,900.00
40X90 3600 Sq. Ft.$2,150.00
40X100 4000 Sq. Ft.$2,360.00
Tent AccessoriesPrice
Sidewalls-20Ft Sections 
Solid Sidewalls$10.00 Ea
Window Sidewalls$20.00 Ea
Clear Sidewall w/ White Borders$30.00 Ea
Keder Sidewalls - Solid/Window$45 Ea / $60 Ea
White Tent Liners & Colored LinersCall For Pricing
Tent DrapingCall For Pricing
Satin Leg Drapes W/Tie$20.00 Ea.
Tent FlooringCall For Pricing
Dance Floor VinylPrice
Wood Parquet Vinyl$2.00 Sq Ft
Indoor/Outdoor w/Subfloor 
Pipe and DrapingPrice
Banjo Pipe and Drape Black/White$4.50 Linear Foot
Satin Tall Pipe and Drape 10ft-22ft$8-$12.00 Linear Ft.
Custom Ceiling DrapingCall for pricing
Wedding StructuresPrice
10ft Round Ring Structure 8ft-20ft TallCall For Pricing
5ft Round Ring Structure 8ft-20ft TallCall for pricing
36" Round Seats 2-4$7.50
48" Round Seats 4-6$7.75
60" Round Seats 6-8$8.25
72" Round Seats 8-10$12.60
6' x 30" Banquet Seats 6-8$7.00
8' x 30" Banquet Seats 8-10$7.95
36" High Boy Cocktail$9.95
6ft Classroom Table$10.00
8ft Classroom Table$10.00
Bar Set W/Top and Linen$40.00
Black Plastic Folding$1.25
White Padded Resin Folding$2.50
Chairs (delivery only)Price
Mahogany Padded Resin Folding$3.25 Ea. w/ Setup
Gold Resin Chiavari Chair, Tufted Seat Cushion$4.95 Ea. w/ Setup
*Security Deposit Required for Chiavari’s*
4 Ft. x 4 Ft SectionsWood Surface
With Black Carpet$29.00 Ea
14' Stage Skirt$15.00 Ea
Stage Step for 18" high stage$25.00 Ea
Dance Floors VinylPrice
Indoor/Outdoor W/Subfloor$2.00 Sq Ft
Trash Containers
Waste Basket$2.00
Trash Can (55 Gallon)$5.00
3 1/2 Ft Tall$15.00 Ea
Cake StandsPrice
Round Silver 18"$25.00
Square Silver 20"$25.00
*Linen sizes, colors, materials, and quantities vary. Give us a call to see what we have in stock*
Satin Fabric
Chair Sash$1.65
Table Runner$3.50
54"X54" Square Overlay$8.00
72"X72" Square Overlay$8.95
80"X80" Square Overlay$9.95
90"X90" Square Overlay$10.95
90" Round$11.95
108" Round$13.95
120" Round$15.95
90"X132" 6ft Banquet$15.95
90"X156" 8ft Banquet$17.95
Organza Fabric
Chair Sashes$1.00
Vintage and Other FabricsPrice
Burlap Table Runner$3.50
White or Ivory Lace 90" Round$7.75
Black & White Striped Table Runner$3.50
Glitz/Sequin Table Runner$4.50
Black and White DamaskPrice
Table Runner$3.50
90" Round$11.95
108" Round$13.95
Clear Top Frame Tents
20ft WidePrice
20X20 400 Sq. Ft.$300.00
20X30 600 Sq .Ft.$450.00
20X40 800 Sq. Ft.$600.00
20X50 1000 Sq. Ft.$750.00
20X60 1200 Sq. Ft.$900.00
30ft WidePrice
30x30 900 Sq. Ft.$675.00
30x40 1200 Sq. Ft.$900.00
30x50 1500 Sq. Ft.$1,125.00
30x60 1800 Sq. Ft.$1,350.00
30x70 2100 Sq. Ft.$1,575.00
30x80 2400 Sq. Ft.$1,800.00
30x90 2700 Sq. Ft.$2,025.00
30x100 3000 Sq. Ft.$2,250.00
30x110 3300 Sq. Ft.$2,475.00
30x120 3600 Sq. Ft.$2,700.00
Gable End Stucture TentsPrice
No Overhead cable supports*Best use for air conditioning*
White Top 
40X40 1600 Sq. Ft.$1,120.00
40X60 2400 Sq. Ft.$1,680.00
40X80 3200 Sq. Ft.$2,240.00
40X100 4000 Sq. Ft.$2,800.00
40X120 4800 Sq. Ft.$3,360.00
40X140 5600 Sq. Ft.$3,920.00
40x160 6400 Sq. Ft.$4,480.00
Clear TopPrice
40X40 1600 Sq. Ft.$1,600.00
40X60 2400 Sq. Ft.$2,400.00
40X80 3200 Sq. Ft.$3,200.00
40X100 4000 Sq. Ft.$4,000.00
40X120 4800 Sq. Ft.$4,800.00
Pole TentsPrice
40X40 1600 Sq. Ft.$720.00
40X60 2400 Sq. Ft.$1,080.00
40x80 3200 Sq. Ft.$1,440.00
40x100 4000 Sq. Ft.$1,800.00
40X120 4800 Sq. Ft.$2,160.00
Century Twin Peak Pole TentPrice
60X60 3600 Sq. Ft.$1,980.00
60X70 4200 Sq. Ft.$2,316.00
60X90 5400 Sq. Ft.$2,970.00
60X100 6000 Sq. Ft.$3,308.00
60X120 7200 Sq. Ft.$3,960.00
Tent LightingPrice
Small Crystal Chandelier$95.00 Ea
Silver-Crystal Chandelier$145.00 Ea
Large 2 Tier Crystal Chandelier$245.00 Ea
String LightingCall For Price
Market LightingCall For Price
High Bay Lights$75.00
8 Qt. Rectangle Chafer$18.00
4 QT. Round Chafer$16.00
HotBox (Non Electric) with sternos$45.00
Speed Rack$22.00
Bus Tub$2.00
Light Ivory W/ Platinum Rim
Dinner Plate- 10 3/4"$0.55
Salad/Dessert Plate-7"$0.55
Bread & Butter 6"$0.55
Coffee Cup$0.55
Dinner Plate Cover 10 5/8"$0.85 ea.
Glassware *Call for Quantities*Price
Fluted Champange$0.50 Ea
All Purpose Goblet$0.50 Ea
All Purpose Wine$0.50 Ea
Bubble Wine Glass$0.50 Ea
SilverwarePriced Individually
New York - Stainless
Dinner Knife$0.55 ea.
Dinner Fork$0.55 ea.
Salad/Dessert Fork$0.55 ea.
Chicago Stainless-75 count or less
Dinner Fork$0.50 ea.
Dinner Knife$0.50 ea.
Salad/Desert Fork$0.50 ea.
Tablespoon$0.50 ea.
Acrylic Charger PlatesPrice
White Rustic$1.25 ea.
Silver Beaded$1.25 ea.
Champagne/Light Gold Plain$1.25 ea.
Napkin RingsPrice
Silver Embellished$0.50 ea.
Miscellaneous ItemsPrice
Podium (Wood) - No Mic$75.00
18V Mist and Music Light Tower$150.00 Ea
Outdoor Patio Heater with Propane$125.00 Ea
Outdoor Patio Heater without Propane$100.00 Ea
Pedestal Fans$65.00 Ea
Polyester FabricPrice
90" Round$7.25
108" Round (48" Rnd Table)$9.00
120" Round (60" Rnd Table)$9.95
132" Round (72" Rnd Table)$12.00
60"X120" (6ft & 8ft Banquet Halfway)$7.00
90"X132" (6ft Banquet)$12.00
90X156" (8ft Banquet)$12.00
Skirting 8Ft$11.00
Skirting 14FT$17.00
Skirting 21FT$24.00
Napkins 17" x 17"$0.50
Pintuck FabricPrice
90" Round$13.95
108" Round$15.95
120" Round$17.95
132" Round$19.95
Embroidered LinenPrice
Embroidered Table Runner$3.50
85"x85" Overlay$14.00