Room Wrap Pipe and Drape

How to Use How to Use Pipe and Drape to Adapt a Non-Traditional Venue for Your Event


Many party planners of today opt for non-traditional venues for their events. With a little ingenuity and creativity, almost any space can be adapted to the layout one desires. You can use pipe and drape for any venue. If the location’s current space doesn’t provide you with the ambiance you need, don’t worry. This beautiful technique is flexible and creates features like no other event your guests have attended before. Pipe and drape can adapt to a non- traditional venue for any of your events. 

What is a Non-Traditional Venue?

A venue is any place where an organized event occurs. This can range from a gymnasium to a concert hall or just a large room to decorate and fill. Examples of non-traditional venues are:


·         Warehouses

·         Museums

·         An art gallery

·         A modern loft

·         A historic villa

·         Wineries


Add a Backdrop with Pipe and Drape

Now that we understand what a non-traditional venue is considered, it’s easier to imagine how one could decorate. To create a dramatic backdrop anywhere, use the pipe and drape method. Add it behind a table, to a wall, or to aid in a dramatic entrance.

 Pipe and Drape Backdrop

Create a Photo Backdrop

What’s better than an accent backdrop? One that creates a photo setting for all of your guests! Get creative with this one – really let your style shine through. Create props that encourage guests to have fun and be candid. Go the extra mile and provide costumes and a private changing room made out of pipe and drape. Best of all, you’ll be creating fun memories for guests to look back on.


Accessorize Your Table

Drape skirting can be used to extend fabric neatly to the ground. Perfect for a buffet table or the head table at a wedding, this accessory adds a formal touch to your event. Bonus: It even offers extra storage space to stash extra supplies and items to help your event go seamlessly.


Create Extra Space

 The pipe and drape method can be used to break up larger spaces or non-traditional venues. These areas include:


·         Play space for children

·         Separate lounge area

·         Private booth for surprise gifts

·         Entrance hall

Be sure to check all codes and regulations to ensure your temporary layout won’t impact them.


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