How Pipe and Drape Creates the Perfect Theme for Your Next Party


Pipe and drape is a versatile decorating option that accommodates every style and occasion. Create the perfect theme for your an event your loved one is sure to remember by wrapping a venue in their favorite colors, patterns or designs.

What Is Pipe and Drape?

A pipe and drape system is a freestanding decoration. A decorator can achieve unique custom settings with frames formed from piping. Party planners can use most fabrics to decorate their walls or create a divider, although some materials are preferable to others. Have you ever seen those lavish wedding backdrops? Many of those consist of the pipe and drape technique. Although many people purchase or rent decorations for larger events, this effect can be created at home.

Backdrops with pipe and drape

Sheer Fabrics

Voile and Organza are types of fabrics that many decorators turn to when using pipe and drape. It’s a superb choice for this method, because the fabric is:


·         Lightweight

·         Attractive

·         Inexpensive

·         Available in an assortment of colors

·         Easily manipulated


What Can I Do with Pipe and Drape?

There are multiple uses for the pipe and drape technique. You can manipulate fabrics into many forms of decorations, including:

·         Curtains. Used sometimes as a divider, you can sew the pipes into place or use safety pins to secure excess fabric.

·         Swags. Wrap long lengths of fabric around the top bar, or drape into one or multiple swags. It works well on top of plain curtains.

·         Tiebacks. Tie lengths of fabric together and leave openings in your pipe and drape. Ribbons make simple tiebacks.

·         Lighting. You can even add stringed lights behind your material so that it shows through your pipe and drape design.

pipe and drape decor
Fabric tunnel


What Kind of Piping Will I Need?

There are different types of pipes and bases that may be required, depending on the project. How to select these pipes and support rods depends largely on the theme and how you prefer to decorate. Possible pipes needed include:

·         Drape support rods or crossbars

·         Upright pipes

·         Various sized base plates


These techniques are ease for newbies and pros alike. Planning a teen’s birthday? Need ideas for your parents’ big anniversary? Look no further, pipe and drape is the choice for bringing your next event to life.


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